Entry Way

Your entryway can leave an impression as well as provide security.

Patio Gates

Your gate can make a statement about your lifstyle and be customized to fit any area

Composite Wood

All of our gates come with composite wood. Composite wood lasts longer that natual wood and is virtually maintinance free.

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Serving Arizona since 1993 Over 16,000 gates built and installed Throughout the Valley


Wrought iron gates add style to any driveway or garden while enhancing privacy and security. Affortable Gate Co. manufactures automatic driveway gates for private residences as well as garden and entry way gates to enhance the beauty and security of any property. Here at Affordable Gate Co. we build all of our gates with safety and quality in mind. Our gates are not mass produced, we will meet with you in person, help you decide on which gate will best fit your needs and then build your gate accordingly.

Residential, RV, Automatic & Custom Work Available


  1. Single and RV Gates : We can build gates to dress up your home or functional gates such as RV gates. If you have a project that requires additional block fence work, we can refer you to one of professional business partners and work with them on the completion of your block work and the installation of your new gate.
  2. Automatic Gates: We offer Single, Dual and Roller style automatic gates. This includes a solar charging system or can be wired direct to your electrical system..
  3. Custom Gates: We offer custom work for all types or applications. This includes gates, entry ways, walkways, railings, etc.
  4. Onsite Powder Coat Oven: All of our gates are Powder Coated on site. Powder Coat is more durable than paint and has very little maintinance. We offer a wide choice of colors and can custom order colors upon request (additional fees may apply). We also can perform Powder Coat services on just about any other item you desire.